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6:12 AM
Download Section
New Change:
ONLY registered members have access to 'Download' Section and the Forum of the website.
Don't worry, registration is quick and easy and it's helpful for us to know how many supporters we have :D
PS: I know that people always message and I don't always reply right away. So, I'm sorry if I haven't replied to anyone's messages. It's just that I'm busy with school and stuff, so usually I only read the messages people send me and make a note in my head but am too lazy to write a reply. Don't worry, I will reply but right now I have exams, so I'm busy studying >.<
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2 Animegirl101100  
um i can't quite find the download i BLIND O.O?!

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1 Duchess  
if u give me instructions,i can help u with the downloads wink page

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