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7:52 AM
Sorry for not be able to release any new chapters of DYRM sad College is much busier than I thought. I am trying my best to finish my online class, so I will have time to translate volume 9. Volume 10 is complete but I haven't translated volume 9 sad So sorry sad I'll be a junior next Fall, so I don't know if I could continue translating volume 11 sad But I will finish volume 9 for sure happy That's my goal biggrin
Thanks so much for always support this manhwa smile
PS: I'm really happy when you enjoy this manhwa biggrin I know there will be mistakes but please forgive us biggrin
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2 sinichka  
We will wait as long as necessary. Good luck! hearts

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1 Kiry  
thanks for your hard work,I support you =) biggrin happy Good luck for your university life^^

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