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Sorry for not be able to release any new chapters of DYRM sad College is much busier than I thought. I am trying my best to finish my online class, so I will have time to translate volume 9. Volume 10 is complete but I haven't translated volume 9 sad So sorry sad I'll be a junior next Fall, so I don't know if I could continue translating volume 11 sad But I will finish volume 9 for sure happy That's my goal biggrin
Thanks so much for always support this manhwa ... Read more »
Views: 1975 | Added by: teresa_katherine21 | Date: 2012-02-13 | Comments (2)

Hi everyone,
Here's DYRM newest chapter smile
Views: 1466 | Added by: teresa_katherine21 | Date: 2011-09-22 | Comments (5)

[color=blue][size=12]Hello everyone, it's been a while for the latest update. I want to finish the translation for this manhwa but I really need help from CLEANER and PROOFREADER >.< I already finished volume 10 and send it to xcherry6001 but I haven't heard any news from her sad If you love this manhwa, please help me smile
Views: 2748 | Added by: teresa_katherine21 | Date: 2011-08-05 | Comments (9)

Hi everyone,

I have come back and I'll continue translating TFMTW and Ways of the JGJC. If you want the downloadable versions of the chapters, please visit our forum to get the links.

And once again, I want to thank all of you for supporting me and the whole ObliviousLove team.

Views: 2166 | Added by: Yunhee | Date: 2011-05-12 | Comments (6)

Heyyy. Sorry I haven't updates in soo long. Been so busy with school.
As you can see, most of our scans are slowing down on releases because I'm assuming everyone is busy. Hopefully we'll start releasing soon.
If anyone is interested in helping translate Never Cry or Going to You (from Vietnamese or Korean), please let me know.
Views: 1499 | Added by: xcherry6001 | Date: 2011-01-02 | Comments (2)

Boy of the Female Wolf is Updated!
Vol.7 Chapter 5: <Sport's Festival>

I'm sorry about the delay.
I've posted on threads about it, so please read!

Views: 2701 | Added by: dbswn95 | Date: 2010-09-19 | Comments (6)

Hey guys, I know it's been ages since the last chapter of Never Cry was released lol. Sorry about that. I've been enjoying summer so I didn't concentrate on scanlating the manhwa ^^;;
It's already September and school is starting again so just a head up that chapters won't be coming out that.. often? Lol.
On to other things. I need help with cleaning Never Cry. It takes me a while to translate, clean, typeset and QC over everything. Usually it takes me like 2 hours to translate a chapter then FOREVER to edit a chapter. It's much faster if someone just clean the chapters for me and I just typeset in.
If you can help then please PM me here or at mangafox my username there is -Kimiko- I'm the only one uploading Never Cry over there.

Now the release! I think that's what everyone's been waiting for haha.
Chapter 5

Views: 1557 | Added by: missyringin | Date: 2010-09-03 | Comments (5)

I've added an "Other" section which is only available for the staff. It includes the "Banners" page, which I encourage all staff members to visit and use.
The "Positions" page is just for updates on which positions certain staff members have for projects (ex. dyrm).
Views: 1377 | Added by: xcherry6001 | Date: 2010-08-25 | Comments (0)

PLEASE REPLY to this post if you're interested.
I changed some of the requirements for each positions. Also, I wasn't gonna use bribes but if you sign up for the position, you'll get to read the manhwa before anyone else ;)
Hey Everyone,
After thinking for awhile, I've decided that I will no longer be continuing to help out with DYRM, GTY and Say Say Say. I'm starting school in Sept. and I want to concentrate on my studies, so I won't be cleaning or scanlating anything.
That doesn't mean that we're dropping the projects or anything like that. I will still be the administrator of this group and will continue to update the site and etc.
Regarding DYRM:
Right now, I'm looking for a very DEDICATED person to take over DYRM. ... Read more »
Views: 1746 | Added by: xcherry6001 | Date: 2010-08-11 | Comments (10)

Hey Everyone!

I'm just making this thread to let you know about Oblivious Love's new policy.
We had a poll and I've decided to upload the download links for the latest chapter for Do You Remember, Mogwa?, Say Say Say and Going To You on our website BEFORE it's released on mangafox.
This means that readers will be able to download the latest chapters from our website at least 2 days before it's released on mangafox.

*** Please do not upload our releases on any websites without notifying me.
*** Only Oblivious Love members are allowed to upload our releases to mangafox.
All downloads will be found in the Download Section or in the projects page. :)
** I've added a password to some of the download links.
The password is oblivious
Views: 1367 | Added by: xcherry6001 | Date: 2010-08-03 | Comments (5)

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