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4:43 AM
Update on Never Cry
Hey guys, I know it's been ages since the last chapter of Never Cry was released lol. Sorry about that. I've been enjoying summer so I didn't concentrate on scanlating the manhwa ^^;;
It's already September and school is starting again so just a head up that chapters won't be coming out that.. often? Lol.
On to other things. I need help with cleaning Never Cry. It takes me a while to translate, clean, typeset and QC over everything. Usually it takes me like 2 hours to translate a chapter then FOREVER to edit a chapter. It's much faster if someone just clean the chapters for me and I just typeset in.
If you can help then please PM me here or at mangafox my username there is -Kimiko- I'm the only one uploading Never Cry over there.

Now the release! I think that's what everyone's been waiting for haha.
Chapter 5

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5 lacey  
hello, i want to help with the cleaning and some other things i'm willing to learn, can't do the translation though.. sad
msg me at

4 Gazettoluv  

I can help for the cleaning thing...

3 missyringin  
I was about to say that I'm not in charge of Boy of the Female Wolf so I wouldn't know lol.

I still have 3 weeks of summer left so I'll try to get the next chapter of Never Cry out before I start school again! wacko

2 xcherry6001  
sorry about boy of the female wolf. i haven't received the links yet but when i do, i'll update right away. smile

1 nooon-sama  
thank U 4 the new release ,,
and i hope U will be able 2 update the download links of "boy of the female wolf"

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