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As you guys can see, I added a new layout (thanks to Mizuro). I haven't finished updating the website yet, so be patient :)
Also, i added some download links in the 'Downloads' section:
Do You Remember, Mogwa? - Volume 1
Never Cry - Chapter 2
Going To You - Chapter 1
I'll be adding more soon.  
If you upload any manhwa to other sites, please let me know exactly what site you're uploading it to.
EDIT: Also, Please only upload the manhwa to other sites at least 2 days after its been on mangafox.
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Chapter 2 of 'Never Cry' is out :P

Views: 889 | Added by: xcherry6001 | Date: 2010-03-21 | Comments (0)

Volume 5, Chapter 2 of "Boy of the Female Wolf" is out :)
Views: 934 | Added by: xcherry6001 | Date: 2010-03-21 | Comments (1)

We just started our new project: "Going To You" by Han Yu Rang..
I just uploaded it to mangafox and it should be up soon :P
Also, I'll upload the next chapter for "Do You Remember, Mogwa?" either today or tomorrow.
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Oblivious Love is a new scanlation group that focuses mostly on scanlating manhwa by Han Yu Rang.

We are currently recruiting for:
- Korean/Vietnamese translators
- Cleaners/Typesetters.

You can go to the 'Projects' section of the website to take a look at our current projects or leave comments on our 'Forum'.

Also, i'll soon add a 'Download' section, so that you can download chapters from our current projects :)

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