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8:49 AM
New Layout
As you guys can see, I added a new layout (thanks to Mizuro). I haven't finished updating the website yet, so be patient :)
Also, i added some download links in the 'Downloads' section:
Do You Remember, Mogwa? - Volume 1
Never Cry - Chapter 2
Going To You - Chapter 1
I'll be adding more soon.  
If you upload any manhwa to other sites, please let me know exactly what site you're uploading it to.
EDIT: Also, Please only upload the manhwa to other sites at least 2 days after its been on mangafox.
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13 Lizarazu  
Main site:

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12 iloveleonard  
Thank you for all your awesome scanlations! I'm loving each and every manhwa you're putting out, and I'm always thrilled to find a new chapter's been released.

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11 sekiiro  
Thanks for your efforts and your releases!

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10 tea  
Helloooo xcherry6001!! Thank you sooooooooo much for picking up han yu rang's manhwas because I love them!!! and i love botfw. but i don't know korean so can't read the raws :(. And now i'm going to go read the ones you scanlated yay! thank you sooooo much!!!! I'll always support you <3 :D.

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7 Kiran  
How did you edit the background??? I'd love to get a custom background, but it is close to impossible!

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8 xcherry6001  
When you open up the "CP", go to "Customize Design"...then if you click on any of the links (ex. top part of website), it shows you html code and I guess you have to figure out what part of the code you need to edit. (PS: the Visual Editor is useless)

It took me a LOOOOOONNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG time. angry I had to edit each page individually and it literally took me days to figure out which code was which. wacko

It would be easier if you knew some basics of html code and unless you don't, it's really hard to change anything.

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6 xcherry6001  
Thanks a lot for telling me. I didn't realize I accidently deleted the file on mediafire.. I fixed it now though tongue
Hope it works smile

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5 red  
thanks for all the hard work and releases!!

The link for do you remember, mogwa? isn't working. It giving me the message invalid/deleted file.

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4 sammie  
yeah the link for do you remember mogwa isn't working, just sends to mediafire error page!. Thanks for taking up these projects though and I love BotFW

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3 Michelle  
I don't think the link for Do You Remember, Mogwa? - Volume 1 is working. Anyway, thank you very much for the downloads. :)

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2 Almond  
Hey! : ) I'm Almond, a staff member from the Evil Empire ( Also, I'm wondering if you'd consent to becoming an official scanlator? Here are the benefits/conditions of becoming an official scanlator:

1. You can have special hosting requests (such as your delay policy, to keep the credit pages intact, etc)
2. In all of your projects, we will not only list you down as one of the scanlators of the series
(provided if there are also other groups who are doing the series), but we would also link to your site
3. Agreeing to link The Evil Empire to your site
4. All of your staffs who would happen to join the forum would have the usergroup of a scanlator as a recognition
5. Privilege to post recruitment and promotion threads, etc

I hope to hear your favorable response soon and thank you for working hard to scanlate these manhwa! : )

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