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11:58 PM
Looking for...
1) Korean translators: We only have one korean translator and we need more!! Please help us so we can translate some amazing korean manhwa (no previous experience required) :)
2) Banners: We're looking for some banners for Oblivious Love. It's going to be used for those pages you put in the beginning of the manga... that say stuff like 'translator: cleaner:'..Hopefully you understand what I mean.^^'
If you have any experience with photoshop, and want to make one, please send it to me. Although I prefer Hwang Mi Ri/Han Yu Rang related stuff on the banner, it doesn't really matter as long as it's pretty ^^
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6 honeycomb  
Ehm, idk where to post this, but i hope here is fine o.o
I'm done with one banner atm, so check it out plx. If there are any modifications/comments.. please tell me, i'll be glad to fix it up :3

Sorry, BB codes are inactive or idk what's going on with them so just copy and paste the links ><

.jpeg file

.psd file

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5 honeycomb  
Ello, i would gladly help with the banner stuff. That is.. if you still need them ><;
Anyways, if you've anything in mind, specifications, logo, characters you want me to use, etc.. just tell me via email or pm me, whatever tongue
Anyway, i'll be giving you a .psd version as a template so you could be able to modify it whenever you need tongue

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4 Sally  
oh my email is

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3 Sally  
umm I can be one of your korean translator if you still need help :) just email me.

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2 xcherry6001  
Oh yah. I think Yunhee does need some help. You can leave her a message here:

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1 Marilyn  

I really like the fox meet the wolf manga.
thank you for uploading.

If you need someone to clean your manga
please email.. im very interested to help.

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