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3:24 PM
Boy of the Female Wolf Volume 5 Chapter 6 has JUST BEEN UPLOADED!


#Next Chapter
The next chapter will probably be up sometime this weekend... probably sunday.
It will be the last chapter of Volume 5, so the downloads for volume 5 will probably be up sometime next week!

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3 Sir0tter  
Where is vol 4 and the other chapters? On the download page, you only have vols 1 to 3...

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4 dbswn95  
I only upload the download links after each volume is done... (naturally... imagine all the links for the chapter downloads for 17 volumes!!), so the download link for volume 5 should be up sometime next week. And as for volume 4, some other person just came and did 2 of the chapters, so in order for me to upload, I have to re-translate those... but since many are waiting for updates, I am working on those bit by bit and am focusing mainly on getting forward.

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2 sammie  
Thank you very much xD.

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1 iloveleonard  
Thank you so much for the new chapter! I really love this series and I'm so glad you guys are translating it.

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