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10:12 AM
Boy of the Female Wolf VOL.5 CHP.7 has JUST BEEN UPLOADED!
(although I don't know if it's on yet...)

<The Unarranged Meeting>

This makes the end of VOL.5... which means...

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6 dbswn95  
Sorry, but I still prefer not to.
It isn't as if people can't read if it's online, so why can't you wait?
I'm sorry, but I'm busy enough as it already is, and this might sound selfish but I'm just trying to make things easier for myself.

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5 nabz  
It takes the same amount of time to upload in a file sharing site as uploading to mangafox... you could just leave it to the readers to upload to mangafox and let us DL from a file sharing site like mediafire...

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4 zeer  
Thank you so much for your hard work :)

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3 boo  
Usually I download the images from online readers if I can't get them anywhere else, but mangafox is annoying because it adds the bar at the bottom of the image saying it came from mangafox. Plus online readers compress the images even more.

If you were to upload it to the likes of mediafire/rapidshare. I would be happy to reupload it anywhere you like.

17 isn't all that much I've uploaded 40 volumes + for my group :D a few more won't hurt.

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2 dbswn95  
Well, as I said before on a different thread,
I prefer not to do that because there ARE 17 Volumes all together, and THINK ABOUT THE MANY LINKS!
Also, it takes FOREVER to upload those files and slows my internet down which would be very troublesome for a student like me who does all of her homework online.
(Takes up time too)
Sorry, but I probably will not change this.
Also, the download links were sent in yesterday.
But I don't know when it will appear here. Sorry.

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1 boo  
Is it not possible to provide a single link to the chapter here. I prefer not to read the chapter online.

Thanks all the same

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